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Tipping Point

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RELEASE DATE: Feb 20, 2007


01. blame
02. undone
03. coming home
04. freedom ban
05. fade out
06. patient man
07. i can’t walk away
08. chosen one
09. someday
10. california (mp3)
11. in god we trust
12. and then i’m gone (mp3)

Produced by John Cusimano.
Recorded and Mixed entirely on tape at Avatar Studios in NYC by Steve Hardy.
Second Engineer: Chad Lupo.
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk.

Strings Engineered by Ross Petersen.

All Songs written by John Cusimano.
All Songs © 2007 Bob Spelled Backwards Is Bob Music, Inc. (ASCAP).
Reprinted with permission.

Listen Records, MRI

Photography by Chris Gorman, Band photography by Timothy White, Design by dutchmoney